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The Green Dragon and the 'Oh No' Bird

Draco Viridi


The Green Dragon and the 'Oh No' Bird by Draco Viridi

  • Second in the Green Dragon series
  • Released in Oct 2020
  • An educational and thought-provoking story
  • Adventure with Willy and his friends in Hong Kong
  • Cultivate kids’ interests in reading
  • Highlight the problem of marine pollution
  • Lead children to ponder ways to protect country parks


Suzanne Younan, a British writer living in Hong Kong with her family and four-legged hiking companion, is a nature guardian and animal lover. She dedicates herself to changing the world by educating our youngsters and raising their attention to the impacts of their daily behaviors. To further achieve her goals, she founded the Green Dragons HK in 2017. She truly believes that every tiny change in life makes a big difference. She wishes to lessen all the environmental problems including plastic and marine pollution by conveying environmentally friendly messages in schools, books, and different community events such as dragon boat competitions.

Product details: 

ISBN: 9789887959014
BY (AUTHOR): Younan, Suzanne,
PUBLISHER: Draco Virdi Ltd.
PRODUCT FORM: Paperback/softback
DIMENSION: 250 mm x 250 mm
SERIES: The Green Dragon #2