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Let's start from the beginning

Let's start from the beginning

I'm Nabille a Mexican mom who happened to end up living in Hong Kong… Why? That is a funny and long story, but to make it short… I got married to a Hong Kong guy. 

I lived in Mexico my whole life and I never planned to move out to another country, all my life I just picture myself in there, maybe different cities but never out of Mexico.

During my University I decided to apply for an exchange program for my last semester and I picked Taiwan, I got really interested about Chinese culture, and actually everything about Asia, it seemed another world to me that I wanted to explore. 

I spent 6 months there and that was enough time for me to find too much love and respect for Chinese culture, I was so amazed about the way of living, the values, the thinking and of course, THE FOOD.

I started to travel by myself around Southeast Asia before I went back to Mexico, and yes is where it happened… I met my husband during our backpacking trip, I just wanted to conquer the world at that moment and my husband wanted to find what he wanted to do for his life, both of us where looking something during this trip but definitely we weren't looking for someone… but yeah I guess this is how life is, when you least expect it, it arrives. We just met one day in Siem Reap, Cambodia and since then we didn't let each other go. And that's when my real adventure started. 


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